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Business Description:  Coating Tech Slot Dies is a precision manufacturing company which designs and manufactures precision coating systems and slot dies for international and domestic customers. We focus on process knowledge, precision manufacturing, and product performance to deliver custom slot die coating systems that are on the cutting edge of industry standards. Whether you’re looking to design an entirely new and unique process or just looking to streamline your current system, we have the knowledge and skills to help you take your coating system to the next level. Industries served include adhesives, filtration, lithium ion batteries, solar, roofing, glass coating, optical film, medical, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries. Products / Services / Brands: We offer assistance with design, manufacture, and implementation of a variety of coating systems. Products available include fixed lip fluid coating dies, flexible lip fluid coating dies, flexible lip hot melt coating dies, fluid delivery control systems, slot die positioning and coating station equipment, vacuum chambers and vacuum supply systems, and mobile cleaning carts and tables. Our process experts and engineers can help you with refurbishment of your current system, along with complete process and die flow analysis assistance. We also offer on-site consulting, support, and training. Capabilities: Design, Manufacturing, Process Consulting, Pilot Line Coating Consulting, Refurbishment, Custom products, Finite Element Analysis, Structural Analysis. Key Sales Contact: Mark Miller 2322 Alpine Road Suite 4 Eau Claire, WI 54703 USA Phone: 715-544-4568 E-mail: